You are what you remember.

Somewhere in a big city, a man wakes up in a dark alley with no memory of who he is or how he got there. On a mission to figure out his identity, he discovers truths that were better left forgotten.

The Passport is a 15-minute short action and mystery film about identity and the pursuit to understand who we are.
Shot and produced in Shanghai, China The Passport will officially commence its' festival tour in 2018.



This is how it all started. 

Michael and Olivier met through a mutual friend

several years ago. Their passion for film and film making

lead to a bromance that is alive and productive 7 years

after their initial encounter.
Their combined talent and experience in the world

of movies led to the birth and production of the short-film

“The Passport”, which was shot and produced

within three weeks of finalising the script.

The final product is a result of their collaboration and
multidimensional skill set, which is come to life both on and

off screen.

Michael and Olivier are currently based in Shanghai, China.

They continue to collaborate on film projects, which we will see come to life on our screens in the future.



To all the collaborators on this movie

It's only fitting to give credit where it is due. To the team that made this film possible, thank you to the moon and beyond.

Creating a movie is a long and often painful process that requires dedication, late nights. early mornings , team effort and the talent to match it.

"The Passport" would not exist in the absence of your passion and incredible work work ethic.

Studio Supreme Team,


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Photography by Unaz The Passport 2017 all right reserved.